Trends and opinions

The images are unanalysed, unpolished and untreated

The RAW trend  is a movement toward authenticityTrendsFormed’s next trend is RAW, named after a file format for images of digital photography that are unprocessed and unmanipulated.

This trend is a movement toward authenticity: reconnecting with the earth and tapping into primal impulses that are elemental and ever stimulating. The focus is on strong sustainable materials with zero waste, embracing low-tech attempts at luxury. It encourages a conscious move away from excess, and shifts to a more humble lifestyle.

A new take on old favourites

The talent of a perfumer is to transform many insights coming from his/her personal life into a fragrance that will act as a witness of a period.

South Africa’s medical scheme industry faces challenging times

MEdical schemesTom Winterboer, Financial Services Leader for Southern Africa and Africa, says: ‘This is just one of several findings surrounding the medical aid industry contained in PwC’s first edition of Strategic and Emerging Issues in the Medical Scheme Industry survey 2012, which was carried out among principal officers of 20 schemes registered in South Africa and one from Namibia, covering 53 per cent of the South Africa industry based on 2010 average principal members.’

What is next in air care scents?

What is next in air care scentsFragrance developments have moved air care from the functional to the emotional, but what does that mean for future trends in scent?

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