Trends and opinions

Hair segment lightens up

Recently released research by Mintel on the fastest growing claims being made globally by hair products this year, indicate that the market is increasingly aligning itself with the skin care segment. According to the company’s global new product database, ‘brightening and illuminating’ is the fastest growing claim, with the number of new products carrying this phrase increasing from 21 per cent in 2010 to 46 per cent in 2014.

A laundry list of developments

Laundry list_of_developmentsEfficacy, innovation and an eco-friendly approach are the three main drivers in the household products market. Based on this, ingredients suppliers are strategically aligning themselves to assist manufacturers in achieving market leading status and unending consumer support.

Seasonal trends

Seven Scent_on_2014_fragrance_trends

Reports on trends offer early insight into what to expect for the coming season. As a leader in fragrance trend forecasting, Seven Scent has released its latest reports for 2014.

Thinking small in large volumes

Thinking small_garnierWith a growing focus on convenience and sustainability, traditional packaging types for household and personal care products are being replaced by innovative and flexible options designed to meet consumers’ needs.

Move towards multi-functionality

Mintels Mixologiste_trend_reportAccording to a recent study conducted by Mintel, the key trend set to impact global beauty consumers in 2014 is Mixologiste. This is multi-functionality at a whole new level where manufacturers draw inspiration from completely different categories, creating novel combinations with new products, packaging, marketing and merchandise. ‘This will add a new sense of excitement to the market and will drive innovation in the year ahead,’ states Jane Henderson, global president of Mintel’s beauty and personal care division.

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