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What will define product development in 2014?

What-will-define-product-development-in-2014Globally consumers are placing a strong focus on the link between product price and efficacy, while demanding nourishment and moisturisation from their products, and of course, anti-ageing benefits. How will local manufacturers and brands remain ahead of or in line with these trends?

SimpliCity – developing collective intelligence

I Love_New_York_reflects_the_SimpliCity_trendIn a world where imagination and creativity reign supreme, the SimpliCity trend inspires us to share, move, live and experience things together, among family, friends and society as a whole.

The images are unanalysed, unpolished and untreated

The RAW trend  is a movement toward authenticityTrendsFormed’s next trend is RAW, named after a file format for images of digital photography that are unprocessed and unmanipulated.

This trend is a movement toward authenticity: reconnecting with the earth and tapping into primal impulses that are elemental and ever stimulating. The focus is on strong sustainable materials with zero waste, embracing low-tech attempts at luxury. It encourages a conscious move away from excess, and shifts to a more humble lifestyle.

Development and benefits of right-shoring

Exel defines right-shoring as ‘A restructuring of a global company's workforce or processes that seeks to utilise a mix of offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing to achieve the optimum level of efficiencies and productivity. Right-shoring typically involves the outsourcing of simple processes while retaining complex processes at the local level.’

A new take on old favourites

The talent of a perfumer is to transform many insights coming from his/her personal life into a fragrance that will act as a witness of a period.

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